Root Canals

diagram of  root canal treatmentDo you have a tooth with such a deep cavity that the nerve is exposed? Or is it severely damaged in some other way? If so, your dentist may recommend a root canal to try to save the tooth instead of pulling it and replacing it with a bridge or an implant.

Root canal treatment is the process of trying to save a dying tooth by repairing and cleaning out damaged nerve systems. This is an attempt to save the natural tooth, if possible, instead of extracting it.

Root canal treatment is a pretty significant surgery and requires specialized training. Dr. McLaughlin is skilled and experienced in performing root canals.

To avoid tooth loss and the need for dental implants, many individuals prefer to get root canal treatment to assist in saving their natural teeth.

Root canals are now performed using advanced techniques and materials, making them far more comfortable and faster than they used to be.

Once the root canal is completed, Dr. McLaughlin will usually recommend that a dental crown be placed on the tooth to provide extra strength to the tooth.

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Image Credit: alila / 123RF Stock Photo